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>>Retesteth cmd reference
-t GeneralStateTests/stExample -- --clients t8ntool --vmtraceraw
-t GeneralStateTests/stInitCodeTest -- --clients t8ntool --singletest ReturnTest --vmtrace

Request helper:

Request single file:

Custom command:

./retesteth -t GeneralStateTests/stSpecialTest -- --clients t8ntool --singlenet Berlin --vmtraceraw --singletest JUMPDEST_Attack
Running 1 test case...
Running tests using path: /data/tests
WARNING: Retesteth configs version is different (running: '0.1.1-eip1559' vs config '0.1.0-accesslist')! Redeploy the configs by deleting the folder `/var/www/.retesteth`!
Active client configurations: 't8ntool '
Filter: 'JUMPDEST_Attack Berlin'
Running tests for config 'Ethereum GO on StateTool' 2
ERROR(3): failed constructing chain configuration: unsupported fork "YOLOv3"
Test Case "stSpecialTest": 
Error: The command '/var/www/.retesteth/t8ntool/ --input.alloc /tmp/12d67ef0-c796-48b9-97d6-44805b87d910/alloc.json --input.txs /tmp/12d67ef0-c796-48b9-97d6-44805b87d910/txs.json --input.env /tmp/12d67ef0-c796-48b9-97d6-44805b87d910/env.json --state.fork YOLOv3 --output.basedir /tmp/12d67ef0-c796-48b9-97d6-44805b87d910 --output.result out.json --output.alloc outAlloc.json' exited with 768 code. (stSpecialTest/JUMPDEST_Attack, step: GeneralStateTest)

TestOutputHelper detected 1 errors during test execution!
/data/retesteth/retesteth/TestOutputHelper.cpp(208): error: in "GeneralStateTests/stSpecialTest": 

*** 1 failure is detected in the test module "Master Test Suite"
*** Total Tests Run: 0

*** TOTAL ERRORS DETECTED: 1 errors during all test execution!
info: (stSpecialTest/JUMPDEST_Attack, step: GeneralStateTest)